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Kaiser Management

This Haarlem-based artist management office works with various artists
on a long-term strategy for a sustainable development of their careers, since 2007. 



Chef’Special is a five-piece popband from the Netherlands with a unique blend of hip-hop, rock and reggae. Since their formation in 2008, the band has released four albums and toured extensively across Europe and the US. On the 6th of March 2020 they released their new studio album ‘Unfold’. This is the successor of their album ‘Amigo’, which reached a platinum status in the Netherlands and gathered over 62 million streams worldwide.

Whether Chef’Special is touring America as support act of Twenty One Pilots, performing on the main stage at festivals like Pinkpop, Sziget or Lowlands, or in huge sold-out venues like the Ziggo Dome (16.000 cap) in Amsterdam; they always convince the whole audience and turn every show into a party. Although Chef’Special’s musical palette encompasses various genres, the band has a very recognizable sound in which their own emotions and experiences are front and center. 


Meet David Benjamin; half musician, half spiritual gangster. With his signature style acoustics and soothing vocals he is bound to sing his way into your heart leaving you with an open mind. The upbeat 6.5’ tall Dutch native has made it his mission not just to sing something, but to tell his truth. Propelled by his own spiritual soul-journey David’s songs started to peal back the layers of life. One by one. Bringing a new purpose to his reality and songwriting.

His songs are crafty pop pastries laced with subtle inspirational charm in which a sweet center of deeper meaning can be discovered beneath the surface. His uplifting and soul awaking sound stands as an open invitation to anyone who cares to meet the truest version of themselves. Lyrically cheerful but articulate, empathetic and generous, is how David Benjamin tells his stories. And with that he has found his lane. One on which he invites us all to lose our inhibitions, and enjoy the wild waves of life. Raising vibrations and expanding consciousness be there ebb or flow. All David needs is an acoustic guitar, his song and the present moment. The rest is up to us.


Yori Swart is known for her warm and soulful voice and can be quite distinct in her own unique way of guitar playing. She blends pop, blues and country into a rare finger-picking style, and her hunger for melodies, lyrics and alternative guitar tunings has resulted into a quirky but soulful songwriting style.

Despite her relative young age, Yori has already done a great amount of shows both solo and with a backing band. She toured extensively in The Netherlands, England and North-America, and was the headliner at the ‘European Music Festival’ in Vietnam. She has also done support shows for Milow, Jools Holland, Jonathan Jeremiah and Agnes Obel. Inspired by the spaciousness of Scandinavia and the warmth of the United States you can easily disappear into different worlds listening to her stories.


Jasper Zuidervaart is a Dutch producer, engineer, musician and songwriter. With a great love for the acoustic and electronic domain, he aims to create productions that sound both modern and organic. With a strong believe in the power of a great song, he has a comprehensive and deeply personal approach to production, focussing on songwriting, arrangement, and sound design a well as mixing. Over the last decade Jasper has worked with artists like Chef'Special, Winne, Kris Berry, Jack & The Weatherman, Celine Cairo, Rilan & The Bombardiers, Teske, and Sean Christopher.

He has won several awards, including Gold awards for production work on several Chef'Special records as well as a golden status for Jack and The Weatherman's 'Till The Sun Comes Up' and a State Award for Winne Zonder Strijd by Dutch hiphop artist Winne, which Jasper mixed.

Apart from is work as a producer, Jasper has a heart for the art of mixing. Working on a hybrid setup that offers the best of the analog and digital world, he is eager to get the most out of any production. Jasper operates from his private studio, Studio Zuidervaart, based in Rotterdam


Likeminds is a Brooklyn based production team comprised of producers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and engineers Jesse Singer and Chris Soper. Together they have established an impressive track record of Gold and Platinum records, Grammy nominations/wins, and charting sons, both in the US and abroad.

Jesse and Chris both started their journeys as musicians, showing an interest in making sounds in as many ways possible, including keyboards, guitar, bass, drum set, saxophone, trumpet and whatever else they could get their hands on. They began their careers in the studio at the legendary Right Track Recording in Times Square (later named Legacy Studios and MSR Studios), where they cut their teeth as engineers, working with a dream list of artists, including Beyonce, Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Q-Tip, Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis, Janet Jackson and many others.

Looking to the future, the two plan to stay diversified and continue to write and produce records, while taking on engineering projects, developing younger artists, and remaining active in the sync en scoring worlds.   


Tom Meijer is a Amsterdam-based producer and musician. After playing live with several bands for over ten years and seeing a lot of the venues Europe has to offer, his focus has broadened and shifted more towards producing.

He has worked in amazing studio's like Wisseloord, Motormusic and Studio Zeezicht with artists like David Benjamin, Bente, Feng Suave and Kita Menari. While some great records came out of bands playing tightly together in an awesome studio, there are also countless records that are recorded in bedrooms, hallways and hotel rooms that sound every bit as great. He has done and loved doing both. 

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